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Therefore, starting a business now is the best financial move I can ever make. In my spare time, I will be writing and developing a novel that will mirror my life, my aspirations, and my thoughts on the universe.

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I would have get married to someone whom I feel deeply in love with, who has been there for getting through the hard times with me to the future, who would backpack and travel to everywhere that I have been dreaming about.

My fiance will have his own tattoo shop also. This is the most important goal for me. I personally love learning especially English, I have been learning English since I was in Primary School, I felt like I was so good at English back then, and fell in love with it until now and forever, but currently I am studying abroad, in college, I feel like I am out of motivation because I see everyone has better English than me, my weakness is writing, I also trying to find the way out to improve my writhing becoming more advance over and over, I am still taking English course while studying my major, so here is my previous essay that I have written for the class and I have already passed up but I do not feel satisfied and really want feed back from everyone.

Children young as 10 years of age have even committed suicide.

Me in 10 years

I 'd always hear about bad things happening to good people, but thought nothing bad could ever happen in my life. I have A LOT of guilt, shame, and fear built inside of my soul, mind, body and spirit. One of my favourite alt-rock bands. Some of them enroll for courses and study hard until they attain their degrees. I want also to make my parents proud. I didn 't feel I was college material since I honestly did not do that well my last couple years of high school. No need to keep all my eggs in one basket and then be faced with the challenges of limited opportunities. A lot can happen in ten years. My kids will have everything they desire, from toys to books to musical instruments. I will let my parents feel and enjoy life through buying them plane tickets and go around the world. All of these life changes will take a lot of time and effort. I figured I would just learn to paint cars like my dad. They have to decide whether or not they are going to college or not.

A lot can happen in ten years. I will also ask the help and guidance of the Lord.

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My Life in 10 Years Essay Example