A biography of carlos hathcock a marine sniper

His first job in Vietnam was as a military policeman, but he wanted more action. In his spare time, Hathcock also aided numerous police departments and military units most famously, SEAL Team Six in their courses for sniping. He became so withdrawn from his friends and family that his wife almost left him.

It's my job. His death came two weeks after he helped pin a promotion on his only child, year-old Gunnery Sgt. Marine Corps. Sasser, Charles W. He went to live with his grandmother after his parents divorced and taught himself to shoot and hunt as a young boy.

While the story of Carlos Hathcock is amazing beyond belief, I felt let down by the narrative of Charles Henderson.

carlos hathcock movie

Rewards put on U. He killed a gunny outside my hooch.

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Carlos Hathcock; Sniper in Vietnam