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Bateman's sadistic exploits are metaphors for corporate fat-cats in America today. When finally caught, he is exonerated because nobody believes him capable of the atrocities for which he is accused. What's great about Bales performance is that he really goes nuts in some scenes, my personal favorite is the one where he does his phone confession, he really talks and acts as if he was crazy. The novel is a sequence of restaurant meals, parties and clubs — interrupted by episodes of psychopathic violence for which the novel has become infamous and bouts of heartless sexual athleticism. How could they suspect that the supposed jokes he makes are confessions of actual crimes which he's committed? The running metaphor is one of a culture succumbing to a materialist consumerism that destroys society by eradicating its human values in favour of an obsession with image. Yuppie in deed! Though it does leave a lot of things out, it is completely understandable considering just how graphic the book can be.

Its narrator Patrick Bateman, a year-old Wall Street operative his activity at work is left unspecifieddedicates himself to pleasure and conspicuous consumption. Thus, the reader is implicated in both the violence and the objectifying processes of consumer society.

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Bateman is a loner. Hell, in the novel Bateman actually eats some of his victims! Bateman's sadistic exploits are metaphors for corporate fat-cats in America today.

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I make my way slowly through the dining room, waving to someone who looks like Vincent Morrison, someone else who I'm fairly sure is someone who looks like Tom Newman. Since no one Bateman knows bothers to know him, he is able to slide deeper and deeper into this dark, sadistic place in his mind.

Therefore, Easton Ellis was correct to be as graphic as possible in the dismemberment scenes. The best of them evoke something strong in both ourselves, and the world around us.

In a different semantic sphere, American businessmen commit the same atrocities as Bateman does and face exactly the same amount of repercussions - absolutely none.

American psycho literary analysis project

Going utterly insane! Reading those sequences was like watching a sick twisted porn flick where all those involved get dismembered in the end. Yuppie in deed! The book directly compares the power-longing, money-grubbing tendencies of the American WASPish elite to mental dysfunction. What would this film be without Christian Bale? While American Psycho includes pornographic scenes, they are carefully crafted and placed, and juxtaposed with horror and gore. Its narrator Patrick Bateman, a year-old Wall Street operative his activity at work is left unspecified , dedicates himself to pleasure and conspicuous consumption. They dismiss his garish recounting of his sadistic exploits - murder, rape, and torture - as jokes. But he also has to dignify his vanity with a language of propriety. But damn, even I say that moment was a bit too much!

Aside from Batemans stone cold performance, we have Willem Defoe playing a New York detective who has a hunch that Bateman might be the one behind all the killings. Actually, Ellis based the character of Bateman upon his own father, who was extremely abusive to Ellis as a child.

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The point is that the reader is forced to confront his or her emotions in the context of the values of a society that we are all part of.

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