An argument against women being allowed to play on male sports teams

Again and again and again until your quads are begging for mercy.

Argumentative essay: should girls be allowed to play on boys sports teams?

As I continued to play soccer, I moved up the ranks and fulfilled my dream of playing professionally. Administrators need to be open-minded. Boys naturally don't want to hit girls. It makes males biologically faster and stronger. I was ready to be knocked around and tackled in the box more than I was used to … maybe concede more goals than I ever had in my life. Somehow, you gotta keep up. And maybe not now because she's 12, but when she gets older, it is a violent, tough game and those boys on the field should have not to play any different. I'm worried about her getting killed. I get why they exist. The average male marathon runner will always run faster than the average female marathon runner. It gives everyone on the team a chance to grow and learn, not just as athletes, but as humans, too.

That was when I started really learning about puberty. They were wrong.

Why females should not play male sports essay

If women were to compete against men, men would have an unfair advantage from the beginning; the winner would most likely be decided before the competition even began. No one was talking about cooties. Can I earn their trust? Involving women in certain sports could break this tension. To explore some of the issues associated with having girls playing with boys, read and listen to the interactive scenario. Age and gender are not always the best indicators of ability. Each case needs to be considered on its merits.

Because when I was a kid I used to compete against boys all of the time. Namely baseball where they have mounds and a completely different deliveries.

One of the major issues under consideration is whether girls should be allowed to play on boys sports teams. I could tell by how they kept me accountable. In this vein, any change in sports that is made to accommodate women will likely see strong opposition by fans.

Take tennis for example: Players who are stronger and more physically adept hold an advantage in some areas of the game, but players who are more talented skill-wise are better overall.

why females should not play male sports

And we won 4—0. As long as we agree with this prejudice castingwe take part in reinforcing it.

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Should women be allowed to play on teams with men?