An introduction to the history of the diallo incident

The logic seemed to be that the same racist mentality that leads to unwarranted stop-and-frisks led the four officers to shoot Diallo.

amadou diallo shooting

Investigative journalism[ edit ] Malcolm Gladwell devotes the sixth chapter of his best-selling book Blink: the Power of Thinking Without Thinking to the Amadou Diallo shooting. Two of the officers had emptied their bullet magazines. The new chief of her local police force in Washington, D.

When they come into the neighborhood, we talk, so they know they are there to help them. When two Sharpton followers learned that one pro-police demonstrator, Gloria Horsham, had a white son-in-law, they could not contain their contempt for the year-old Trinidadian.

Sharit Sherrod, a year-old inventory specialist, is standing in line at the 43rd Precinct to report a stolen car.

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After sending an account of Diallo in a letter sent to the Duke of Montague, Bluett published Diallo's narrative as a pamphlet inwhich was later reprinted in the popular compilation of travel literature A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels The two cops ordered Diallo to come out and show them his hands.

Which is worse—stopping four innocent people on the basis of reasonable suspicion to make one arrest, or not making the arrest at all?

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No mere observer of the unfolding events, the Times was a major player, enveloping the city in an inescapable web of anti-police Diallo coverage.

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Diallo Truth, Diallo Falsehood