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Name Your Beneficiaries Start by making a list of the people who might consider themselves rightful heirs—your spouse, children, parents, siblings, extended family, and business partners.

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Some type of legal proceeding may be necessary to process your Will after your death. There are many different kinds of trusts, however, with various legal, tax and cost considerations.

Many people do not.

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In any event, destruction of a Will revokes it. But if you name individuals as beneficiaries, the proceeds go directly to them, bypassing probate, allowing you to leave the asset out of your will. Alternatively, you could give the statements to a family member for their reference when the time comes.

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Most states require the witnesses be disinterested—meaning they are not beneficiaries in the will or otherwise interested parties to your estate—but the state of Arizona allows interested parties to serve as witnesses without invalidating the will or its provisions.

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Arizona Last Will And Testament