Army crew

Contrary to expectations, JV members would rather remain with their teammates than be promoted to the Varsity boat; evidence of a truly cohesive team.

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Hauser, Wannawiruch Wiruchnipawan, and Marina Burke. It is unknown that the relationship will maintain if the JV team boat were switched, and it was clear that if individual team members were switched that they did not work well with each other through the initial tests that done by Coach P. The first option would be to switch the Varsity and JV boats. He was responsible for managing two teams of rowers for the meter race. Because of the short amount of time that they have to work with one another, it can also have a negative effect on the relationship of the team. He should have appointed a captain instead of placing all leadership on himself. According to a survey that was done by the U. Rearranging the crew members on the boats is also not a viable choice in the time frame given the JV members unwillingness to adjourn from their team and the risk involved with trying to form a functional new team in four days.

Conclusion The Varsity Army Crew team did not know how to work well together as a team albeit they were great performers individually. This attitude was articulated by the JV maxim, We will succeed together, we will fail together.

They were not able to beat the JV team, who exhibited a great amount of teamwork even though they were not as strong performers individually.

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Each of the members of the Varsity team were selected because of their strength and endurance, so most of them thought that they were the best, and it almost seems as if they did not trust that any of the other teammates were as good. This will put Junior Varsity in the optimal position to succeed at the championships.

Army crew

Finally, we find that perceivers with higher levels of social sensitivity are more accurate at judging group effectiveness. Get Essay It is also important to focus on the psychological aspects of this sport. Related Interests. What action do you recommend for Coach P. They did not have proper leadership or trust to be able to be a winning team. The ultimate goal of Coach P. There is a possibility that the JV teams relationship would change because they initially thought that they had nothing to lose being on the JV team. If Coach P. The main reason is because in his initial analysis at the Atlanta retreat he had determined that they are in fact the strongest, have the most endurance and technically are the best rowers out of the sixteen men.

The first option would be to switch the Varsity and JV boats. Although it is possible that Varsity can improve their teamwork in the future, the fact that Coach P, an experienced master level coach, has already tried to reach the Varsity team on a psychological level and failed makes it unlikely that he will be able to achieve the necessary results in the four days available.

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