Aztec empire pizarro thesis

On June 30,the Spanish fled the city under fire, suffering hundreds of casualties. Pizarro toppled the inca. Rarely in history do the winners of a war or battle not write what had happened in their single point of view.

He killed the Inca king, Atahualpa, and worked to consolidate the new empire, founding Lima in as well as other cities.

Why did the spanish want to colonize the americas

Contributing factors that led to the rise of the empire was their political structure, social components, and religious traditions which they preformed earnestly. Fearing an unsuccessful outcome, he rejected Almagro's application for continued resources. The Spanish were successful. Kinder Statement of the Problem The Aztecs were a highly intelligent and fierce tribe of Native Americans that dominated all other tribes before them. The Tlaxcalans became his closest allies. The Aztecs were an innovative and sophisticated civilization that became superior due to their elaborate engineered cities, pyramids, and temples. After a grueling battle lasting more than five hours, as many as 6, of its people were killed.

They developed many new types of government, religion, culture, technology, economy, and geography, as well as the calendar and new mathematical techniques. Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. He sent Hernando Pizarro and de Soto to meet with Atahualpa in his camp.

He returned to Tenochtitlan and laid siege to the city. Tenochtitlan was sacked and its monuments destroyed. The Aztecs were used to loose formations in battle; their primary objective had always been to capture a valiant opponent alive so that they might be later ritually sacrificed, and warfare was highly ritualised with precise moments for starting and ending.

spanish empire culture

He sent gifts to the Spanish, which included ceremonial costumes, a massive gold disk representing the sun, and an even bigger silver one representing the moon.

Lead by Francisco Pizarro when they marched into Incan towns and cities. Wherever the Spanish went always the same thing happened, from my point of view. Aztecs were continuously trying to impress the gods and believed that the universe would to an end unless they sacrificed people.

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Aztec empire pizarro thesis