Book summaries online

PinkMonkey With over free study guides, book notes, and chapter summaries, PinkMonkey is a great resource for students. This is a good solution And on the reader's end, the feeling of getting immersed in the text is of no comparison.

Book summaries online

This is particularly useful for students who are in the field of research. WikiSummaries At just over summaries, WikiSummaries boasts a collection of mostly classic books and novels.

book summaries by chapter

BookRags BookRags has a sizable collection of free literature summaries and study guides. And they are available in various platforms today like smartphones and tablets with the help of e-book reader apps.

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The website goes straight to the point, offering full chapter summaries and interpretations of popular books, avoiding additional features that are common elsewhere.

You can even test yourself about the literature. One can even read the book summary online before buying. Perhaps, that's the reason why bookworms exist. When it comes to availability and accessibility, e-books are the best choice to go to.

The most expensive book ever purchased was priced at With e-book, you can just Google it up and look for a digital copy. Most copies of print books can only be found in libraries or bookstores so it will be painstaking task.

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7 Alternatives to Spark Notes & CliffsNotes for Book Summaries