Broken families and social problems effects

Wallerstein, Judith S. However, the research that was also conducted showed the same children having lower cognitive ability before their parents got divorce. Sinister, n. Parents have an impact on their children, married or not. The Effect of a Broken Family on Development. The effects of divorce can be very devastating, especially when children are involved.

Researchers found that the way in which children understood the conflicts between their parents had different effects on their emotional and behavioral problems.

At home their lifestyle will change, more chores, heavier responsibilities, and the older sibling may have to act a parental-type role when interacting with younger siblings.

effects of broken homes

Children of divorce tend to fall in their academics and in their social life. If children are confused with different things going on in the family or at school and they have feelings of frustration, more disagreements may occur.

They are socially withdrawn and as a result, they feel lonelier, insecure, anxious, and are less obedient to their divorced parents.

Effects of growing up in a broken home

In fact, anthropological studies have indicated that the family has existed in every known society. But in the end, several studies still show children who have divorced parents may experience struggles such as these and many others that will hinder their life in the future. It is the only image in the pdf. Illegitimacy, divorce, and other lifestyle choices have radically changed almost every family, and thus have changed the social landscape. This article identifies dysfunctional homes that foster improper parenting and the impact of psychological and physical absence of parents on their children. However, on average, broken homes have a significant impact on children and may even continue throughout their life. Barbara Solomon, a social worker with a Bachelor of science degree in psychology and a Ph. Freeman, H. The Effect of a Broken Family on Development. Mann, And there is a higher suicide rate for children of divorce than for children of normal families.
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Broken Families and Social Problems: Effects and Coping Essay Example