Calvinism vs evangelicalism

It operates upon the natural faculties and becomes a motive to the natural will. We should conclude that our basic equipment, both for personal dealing and for public preaching, must be twofold. If our own efforts were not bearing fruit, we should conclude that our technique still needed improving.

We cannot help others realize the desperation of their situation or convince them that God exists It is the Holy Spirit who must do these things. It is one of the hinges on which his system turns. It is impossible to see.

Don Whitney likens the evangelist to the mailman. No attempt has been made at hostile countercharges; but it has been proved by cold-blooded argument that the distinctive principles of Arminianism, in making the application of redemption to depend upon the self-determining power of a dead man's will, make the actual salvation of any sinner a sheer impossibility.

calvinism vs christianity

God delights in using our prayers to accomplish His purposes. But let us not be imposed upon by the beauty or pomp of mere phrases. What common relation to grace could be predicated of them? Now if it be not the will of a man already in a saved condition, it is the will of a man yet in an unsaved condition.

Additionally, a Calvinist believes that fallen humans can be forgiven of sin and receive a just standing before a holy God, only through faith alone in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, alone. But while we can tell people that they are sinful, it is only the Spirit who can actually convict them.

To say then that grace is infused into the will itself to enable it to form the final volition, which makes a possible salvation actual, does not remove the difficulty.

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Calvinism and Evangelism