Character study of rosalind from as you like it essay

Charles demonstrates both his caring nature and his political savvy when he asks Oliver to intercede in his upcoming fight with Orlando: he does not want to injure the young man and thereby lose favor among the nobles who support him.

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Next to his mistress, the clown seems hopelessly vulgar and narrow-minded. Rosalind described by other characters 2. Rosalind is a particular favorite among feminist critics, who admire her ability to subvert the limitations that society imposes on her as a woman.

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Rosalind always seems to rise above the failings of fate by using her resourceful, realistic understanding, and she emerges as a human being who is to be admired.

That also shows, that they are truly inseparable and that Celia thinks very highly of Rosalind. In this delightful romp, Rosalind stands out as the most robust, multidimensional and lovable character, so much so that she tends to overshadow the other characters in an audience's memory, making them seem, by comparison, just "stock dramatic types".

But this assessment robs Shakespeare's comedy of its sociological depth; what might be pleasant fluff about young people in love is enhanced by Jaques's ability to make stern judgments about the world, yet still respect the people who comprise it.

Character study of rosalind from as you like it essay

In the following chapter I will try to analyse her in three different ways. This caused much speculation because LuPone was leaving the Broadway stage and moving to "regional" work. He immediately changes his ways, dedicating himself to a monastic life and returning the crown to his brother, thus testifying to the ease and elegance with which humans can sometimes change for the better. She sees the opportunity to manipulate Phoebe into loving Silvuis. Orlando, becoming a little suspicious, inquires why her accent is not rough as a result of her living in the secluded forest her entire life. What happens, though, when one fool encounters another Using creative speech, Rosalind enables herself to control and manipulate every situation that she is involved with, especially those concerning Orlando and Phoebe. According to evolutionary psychological theory, females often tend to automatically associate the emotion of love with physicality and the physical act of sex because an emotional bond with a mate is necessary in order to establish a secure family unit Bibliography 1. This love on first sight also shows, that Rosalind must be a very beautiful, charming young girl. In the end, however, he wins the object of his desire.

Rosalind, realizing this, continues to insult and criticizes Phoebe. She falls in love with Ganymede, who is really Rosalind in disguise, but Rosalind tricks Phoebe into marrying Silvius.

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With boldness and imagination, she disguises herself as a young man for the majority of the play in order to woo the man she loves and instruct him in how to be a more accomplished, attentive lover—a tutorship that would not be welcome from a woman. Read an in-depth analysis of Rosalind. Almost every line he speaks echoes with bawdy innuendo. Rosalind dominates the stage. She has, indeed, been frequently regarded as the ideal romantic heroine — very warm and very human, and in any good production, she dominates the stage. Conclusion 4. Duke Frederick, who only plays a minor part in the play, and who is rather an evil character also concedes that Rosalind is a very noble young lady, when he tells his daughter Celia I, iii, 73ff : She is too subtle for thee; and her smoothness, Her very silence and her patience, Speak to the people, and they pity her. It also tells us, that they both must have a close and sisterly relationship as Celia addresses Rosalind very kindly and gentle. Thus, in the end, Rosalind dispenses with the charade of her own character. Yet, there is nothing overbearing or pedantic about her intelligence; she intimidates no one.

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Among other topics are cross dressing or female transvestism and male self-fashioning, which extrapolates on the mode of dress being an identity. Love is a central theme of the play, although in some of its variations it cannot quite be said to be romantic. Rosalind dominates the stage. Rosalind as she describes herself 2. Explicit description by Rosalind 3. Rosalind also creatively uses language to manipulate situations that contain Phoebe, Silvius, and her own disguised character, Ganymede. She is the daughter of the exiled Duke Senior and niece to his usurping brother Duke Frederick. What though you have no beauty-as, by my faith, I see no more in you than without candle may go dark to bed-must you be therefore proud and pitiless? First I will have a closer look at the other characters trying to find out how they characterise Rosalind in their speeches and what they think of her.

Rosalind dominates many scenes in As You Like It and, ultimately, everything that Rosalind wants to occur does. Disguised as a shepherd named Ganymede, Rosalind lives with her sweet and devoted cousin, Celia who is disguised as Ganymede's sister, Alienaand Duke Frederick's fool Touchstone.

She stays true to her family and friends throughout the entire story, no matter how dangerous the consequences.

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