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Another alternative to starting afresh is to join an existing charity as a trustee; there are many resources to find such opportunities, such as the Trustee BankTrustee Net and Trustee Works.

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This is also where you include your financial forecasts. It should cover objectives and strategies, and enable the organisation to deliver more effectively. Recruit trustees By law, your charity must have appointed at least one trustee before registering.

Coworking offers businesses a professional location to grow. Bearing in mind the volatility of the sector, a charity should always be open and willing to review its business plan at short notice.

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You and the other trustees will be personally liable for anything the charity does and the charity does not have a separate legal status. Keeping everyone aware of and moving towards its goals, a charity that follows its plan should find that it — and those who need it — keep moving in the right direction.

You should consider the information you supply to any third party carefully.

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I sit on the board for Kidscan, which is currently writing its first business plan, benefiting the charity, its staff and the people it ultimately aims to help. So a business plan should be approached as if it were for any company, setting out aims and objectives for the short, medium, and long terms.

With more thanregistered charities in England and Wales and untold numbers of smaller funds, starting a charity is an increasingly popular option for those who wish to change the world for the better and are willing to put their own financial interests on the backburner.

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How to write a business plan for your charity