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However, some revisionist historians in recent times have argued that reforms in commerce and the navy began during her reign pathed the way for the more illustrious one of her sister Elizabeth which was to follow, and as the first reigning Queen of England she deserves her place in history.

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Nevertheless Henry was now reconciled to her, and gave her a household in some degree suitable to her rank. Nor was even this the worst of her trials; her very life was in danger from the hatred of Anne Boleyn. By the treaty, indeed, England was to remain neutral; but the force of events, in the end, compelled her, as might have been expected, to take part in the quarrel. It was a more than questionable policy thus to ally England with Spain— a power then actually at war with France. Grammont, Bishop of Tarbes, who was one of the ambassadors sent over by Francis to ask the princess in marriage, had, it was said, started an objection that she might possibly be considered illegitimate on account of her mother having been once the wife of her father's brother. Mary herself received a first-rate humanistic education and contemporaries even considered her well-educated. Mary was of weak constitution and subject to frequent illnesses, both before and after her accession. In the midst of the danger Mary showed great intrepidity, and the rebellion was presently quelled; after which, unhappily, she got leave to pursue her own course unchecked. After Anne gave birth to a baby girl called Elizabeth in September , Mary was declared as illegitimate by an Act of Parliament and was removed from the line of succession. For some years she accordingly kept her court at Ludlow, while new arrangements were made for the disposal of her hand. But the country was really devoted to her cause, as indeed her right in law was unquestionable, and before many days she was royally received in London, and took up her abode within the Tower.

But in May following another change occurred. However when he died aged just fifteen in Mary was granted with an opportunity.

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Although she was still treated as of illegitimate birth, it was believed that the king, having obtained from parliament the extraordinary power to dispose of the crown by will, would restore her to her place in the succession, and three years before his death she was so restored by statute, but still under conditions to be regulated by her father's will.

Much to Mary's distress, his absence was prolonged for a year and a half, and when he returned in March it was only to commit England completely to the war; after which he went back to Brussels in July, to return no more to England.

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John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland , then became paramount in the privy council, and easily obtained the sanction of the young king to those schemes for altering the succession which led immediately after his death to the usurpation of Lady Jane Grey [see Edward VI's ' Devise for the Succession ]. Meanwhile the country was full of faction, and seditious pamphlets of Protestant origin inflamed the people with hatred against the Spaniards. Mary had one half-sister, Elizabeth, and one half-brother, Edward. Hence, when Edward's parliament passed an Act of Uniformity enjoining services in English and communion in both kinds, the law appeared to her totally void of authority, and she insisted on having Mass in her own private chapel under the old form. Mary was then urged to make a humble submission to her father as the means of recovering his favour, and after a good deal of correspondence2 with the king's secretary, Cromwell , she actually did so. Besides, the cause of the pope was naturally her own. Thomas F. Nevertheless, her humanistic training did not extend to her devotion to the sacrament of the altar and her uncritical acceptance of the doctrine of transubstantiation. Henry was a keen scholar, and made a great study of the scriptures. But she herself made it an object, at her own expense, to restore several of the monasteries; and courtiers who did not like to follow her example, encouraged the fanatics to spread an alarm that it would even yet be made compulsory. The same delusion recurred in March , when though she did not make her expectation public, she drew up a will in anticipation of the dangers of childbirth, constituting her husband regent during the minority of her prospective heir. In April , bells rang and bonfires were lit around England as news spread that the queen had given birth to an heir.

It is proved to be untrue by the strongest evidence, for we have pretty full contemporary records of the whole negotiation.

She was also well instructed in music, and among her principal recreations as she grew up was that of playing on the virginals and lute. Her name deserved better treatment than it has generally met with; for she was far from cruel.

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Moreover, given more time it might have succeeded. A restoration of the old religion threatened to deprive the new owners of abbey lands of their easy and comfortable acquisitions; and it was only with an express reservation of their interests that the thing was actually accomplished.

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By Lucas Horenbout. But Edward's court was composed of factions of which the most violent eventually carried the day. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, This was because Henry was being led to believe that the marriage was damned in the eyes of God, and that he would get no living children from her.

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The Tudor Diaries: Does Mary I deserve the title of bloody Mary