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Grounding just gave us more time to increase our imaginations. No subject matter is forbidden, no structure is prescribed. And respect for the intellect and strong political feeling, if not actually vulgar, are looked upon as being in doubtful taste.

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And, at any rate until or thereabouts, there was still such a thing as comic draughtsmanship, witness Cruikshank's illustrations to Dickens, Leech's illustrations to Surtees, and even Thackeray's illustrations of his own work.

It was by no means with that creed that it started out. Here are a few examples.

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One day, I went to a Chinese restaurant. My cousin and I got sick of the billy goat attacking us, so…. He was the middle child of his set of three, the middle boy, and the middle of all nine of us children. Tams R says When we were kids my grandfather had a mean billy goat. Mom was pretty strict and had a tight PM curfew yes — even at that age. Though we were not much frightened while viewing it but at night and some following nights, we did not sleep well. The door was like an old saloon door, two swinging doors that open in the middle. Just before I was about to hit the pavement, a famous performer caught me and prevented me from hitting my head and getting hurt. Must they address a certain type of subject? However, there are subtler methods of debunking than throwing custard pies. Some comic writers, like Dickens, have a direct political purpose, others, like Chaucer or Rabelais, accept the corruption of society as something inevitable; but no comic writer of any stature has ever suggested that society is good. My Dad was curious as to our reactions of fear and panic and we were hoping my youngest brother could hold on until we got there. When we moved, our parents found a two-story house.

We head for the nearest bookseller when essay titans like David Sedaris or Anne Lamott have a new release. Its implied message is that all is for the best and nothing will ever really change.

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