Essay on the pleasure of reading

The best food for the mind is the reading of books.

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He has secured a life long source of pleasure ,instruction a and inspiration. The reader forgets his own personality and existence for some time and totally identifies with the characters o the book. But reading just such books are not enough. To satisfy his thirst for knowledge and information he can always turn to books for help. We can depend upon books for the right advice at all times and climbs of life. But reading of these types of books is really wastage of time as these books never provide them any good. Good books. Books make our world bright and light up our souls with brilliant ideas. Experience, in its turn, makes us wiser and self-confident. Many people enjoy reading books on religion and philosophy. One who is the friend of books needs no other friend. These people never get any pleasure out of reading. Pleasure of Reading Pleasure of Reading : Reading may be a compulsion for a school going child, pastime for a retired person, but a pleasure for many. They include.

They have no love for books. Some readers are really fond of reading.

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Children must be encouraged by their parents and teachers to read novels, dramas, poetry, etc. A sweet forgetfulness overtakes our minds and souls. They never desert us in our difficulties. No one can question the truth of this saying. Works of literature, philosophy and history make serious reading. When ever is bored and depressed he can always pick up books and enjoy readings The blessings and advantages of readings are many provided we choose the right kind of books. Good books shape our thought and mould our characters. This identification serves him as a source of tremendous pleasure. Every reading has its distinct pleasure. The books that provide us pleasure are the books of our liking and interest. Through it we come to have a keener insight into life and its problems, and a lasting interest in our neighbours and surroundings. Reading not only gives us pleasure, it also enriches our mind. Reading the great poetry of the past we seem to be carried away to a kingdom of joy and forgetfulness, a kingdom where there is no care, no worry, no anxiety. Some people like to read newspapers, periodicals, journals, etc.

Our preferences should be for healthy, moral ennobling and entertaining reading. Books make our world bright and light up our souls with brilliant ideas.

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It was the English author Bacon who said that reading makes a full man. We will be like a frog in a well without newspapers. Books are our truest and bluest friend. The habit of reading is a sign of culture. Similarly, we also need food for our mind. The spirit of adventure is in the very blood of man. He will never be bored in the his life. Therefore, it is necessary that the youth should seek advice from those who are competent to give it. We can happily spend our lonely hours in the company of the author-tailored characters. Therefore, such reading as is both delightful and informative, cannot be ignored. Apart from giving knowledge, they provide us with lasting pleasure.

Now we come to the most important question, viz. Reading is of different kind.

Essay on the pleasure of reading

Books make a lasting impression on our minds. This type of reading is essential as they keep us well- informed.

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It is the pleasure of leisure and leisure of pleasure. Books are our nearest and dearest friend. Our friends may not have time for us at times, but a book can never desert us.

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