Existentialism in the outsider

This SparkNote only discusses the absurd when such discussion provides insight on the text. Just as no two people have the same fingerprint, no two have identical theories on how to live life.

the stranger existentialism questions

One of the few times we see a sign of true emotional connection, particularly towards the past is Mr Perez who is very sad about the death of Meursaults mother. They are expecting you. Camus showed his existentialistic beliefs by using his characters to make social commentaries on multiple different social institution, including marriage, time, and society itself.

While in prison, Meursault seemed to constantly look towards the future, imagining if he had to spend a long time in prison, and how he would adjust. Again, this reflects a very existentialist view of constantly looking forward, ignoring the past, moving forward. It has been dated back to nineteenth-century Danish and Greek philosophers.

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The Idea of Existentialism in The Stranger