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The latter comes from the fact that this is a book with a main character who loves words in a world that fears them. A Rolling Stone article reasoned this shift in roles to the "massive" difference in the lyrical styles between their first album and Fly by Night which contains more literary themes and references.

Interview tidbit with Raoul Olou: PD: You once talked about the history of animation and how animation is able to address or serve as a vehicle to convey important messages. He wasn't happy and we weren't happy". I guess I was also hoping to use this video to bridge the gap between my dad and me.

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Double-sided Tape, Bo Fan, Portrait of a Zamboni Driver, Nadine Arpin, Do you regard this work as a resistance to so-called traditional Confucianist family value that conflicts your gender identity?

Whose journey takes her through completely unpredictable twists and turns in a political game where no one knows who is ally or foe?

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