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When her mother found the task too difficult, Genie was moved through a series of foster homes, where she was often subjected to further abuse and neglect. The movie was a major success, and further heightened public interest in cases of children subjected to extreme abuse or isolation.

She was fascinated by her environment and would study it intensely. She was left in soiled diapers for days at a time. Butler soon became protective and began restricting access to Genie.

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The first child, a girl, died as a baby after Clark and Dorothy left her alone in a cold garage for several days. No one definitively discerned the exact reason for his dog-like behavior, although at least one scientist speculated he may have viewed himself as a guard dog and was acting out the role. Genie was 13 when social services intervened but she had the mental age of a baby Read More Mum living in squalid home 'reeking of faeces' with FIVE kids admits her shame The case of Genie the "feral child" became known to the world as one of the most horrific examples of child abuse and neglect ever uncovered in the United States. Scientific researchers also flocked around the feral child and Genie's status soon changed from welfare case to case study. There were the scientists and carers who studied and, in some cases, loved her. Genie during a cognitive evaluation with UCLA psychologists. Within the first seven months after her discovery, Genie learned many new words. A second died from birth complications. The movie was a major success, and further heightened public interest in cases of children subjected to extreme abuse or isolation. Over the following month, she and Genie very quickly bonded with each other. No child deserves no chance, but Genie had none. An investigation into her father, Clark, revealed a sordid and dark past wrought with previous instances of child abuse and neglect. This was caused by being locked up inside a small room for thirteen years. It is not publicly known where Genie is now. She performed well on intelligence tests.

Updated June 30, Genie Wiley born April was a severely neglected and abused child who was discovered and taken into custody by authorities when she was 13 years old.

According to the theory, Genie, who was now a teenager, had missed her time to learn words and grammatically put them into sentences.

Language Progress Despite scoring at the level of a 1-year-old upon her initial assessment, Genie quickly began adding new words to her vocabulary. She still had to wear diapers and would often involuntarily release bodily fluids when stressed or upset.

She did not have the same reaction to recordings, and if someone played anything other than classical music she would change the sheet music to a book which she knew had pieces she liked.

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After the onset of puberty, he argued, the organization of the brain becomes set and no longer able to learn and utilize language in a fully functional manner. A woman, Dorothy Irene Wiley, had suffered cataracts in both eyes for several years and as a result stumbled blindly into the wrong office. Essentially, it boils down to the age-old nature versus nurture debate. She started by learning single words and eventually began putting two words together much the way young children do. If you only care about helping Genie, then you wouldn't do a lot of the scientific research. Her father would bark at her like a dog if she made noise and often hit her with a piece of wood. Nativists believe that the capacity for language is innate, while empiricists suggest that it is environmental variables that play a key role. She spent almost her entire childhood locked in a bedroom, isolated and abused for over a decade. Those who had taken on such an emotional and professional investment in Genie and her progress were suddenly cut off. The splint caused Genie to be late to walk, and researchers believed this led her father to start speculating that she was mentally retarded. While her circumstances until that point were undeniably tragic, they also presented an opportunity for psychologists, linguists, and other researchers to study psychosocial, emotional, and cognitive development in an individual who had suffered from severe social isolation and deprivation. Her dark hair has been hacked off raggedly at the top of her forehead, giving her the aspect of an asylum inmate. His father forced his wife to keep him quiet, causing significant physical and linguistic developmental delays.

To the surprise of several scientists involved in the grant meetings, Rigler decided the primary focus of the study would be to test Chomsky and Lenneberg's hypotheses and selected UCLA linguistics professor Victoria Fromkin to head linguistic evaluation.

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Genie Wiley: Haunting story of feral child found mute and hopping like rabbit