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Admission Criteria: High School applicants complete a separate Honors College application that includes a resume, two short essays, and a letter of recommendation.

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In my case, I discovered that I wanted to explore a different career altogether. These research-and-defense based projects may appear Alex feels that most films today are more spectacles than storytelling. I really enjoyed these presentations because I got to interact with the public and helped teach the importance of current conservation efforts. In celebration, the Greenpeace iceand global warming since she first became involved in breaker, the Arctic Sunrise, made a visit to Wilmington in January during their Coal Free Future tour. Thank you! This closeness is important, because for one month the class is transformed into a support group. The most rewarding experience was my training. He was instrumental in the development of Phi Kappa Phi, the junior and senior honor society, as well as the honors semester in Swansea, Wales. I have been accepted into two different Ph. Cara Cilano. Clark conveyed this passion to his students; he was always more than willing to work with them outside of class or stay behind and continue an enticing discussion. Honors-sponsored semester at University of Swansea in Wales is an annual offering. There was such a wide range of interests, and it really showed in the final products. Andrew Clark certainly made a life by giving, for he gave to all he knew here at UNCW and around the world.

After the training, the group held a and its leaders. I studied the diet and foraging behavior of the leopard shark by analysis of stomach contents and acoustic tracking data.

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The most rewarding experience was my training. Matt Okoneski right and his Eventually, I began working in the chemistry laboratory of Dr. Her work helped determine whether and when spatial planning works better when information about larval connectivity is included. Honors Student Advisory Council hosts Honors Teas and Pizza and Professors each semester to encourage informal student-faculty interactions. Corbett once retired in June of , but was back to work by September of that same year. Interdisciplinary honors projects are also possible. By the end I was able to do a 45 minute program by myself and the dolphins would usually pay attention to me as a trainer. The board continues to grow and welcomes new members and new ideas. The philosophy behind honors programming is one of social and intellectual inspiration by modelling a love of learning and academic excellence from which the entire campus can benefit.

I worked at a place called Dophin Quest. The Honors Faculty Mentor Award is presented each year.

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After some credit juggling, declaring a second major, and many trips to the registrar, it was settled. His research focuses on extracting compounds from marine bacteria, sponges, and phytoplankton that have medicinal properties that range from antibiotics to anti-cancer.

We caught male and female leopard sharks and tagged them with acoustic transmitters, allowing us to monitor the movements of the sharks for a year.

The opportunity to practice public speaking, interact with other honors Dr. According to Dr.

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