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If you have an urge or goal to present a unique document to your lecturer, teacher, boss or client, Plagramme can help you out. We think so too. PaperRater and its content are protected by intellectual property laws.


Insights on what lecturers check student papers for plagiarism by Since there is no possible way to account for all lecturers, we will cover the basics on how most checks usually go down. Rather than choosing between removing the quote or inventing a reference, why not let the BibMe Plus plagiarism tool scan your paper and find the matching material for you? However, only one thing is sure — plagiarism is bad for everyone. Perhaps the writer rearranged words in the sentence, subbed out a few words with synonyms, or used bits and pieces of the original wording and mixed it with their own. How to improve or better your documents? Next, the tool will take you to a simple auto-filled form for you to review and, if necessary, edit. Upload the research paper or any paper for that matter which you need to be checked. We are not responsible for any loss, change, or corruption to submitted content. Please do not submit any content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of another. We do not guarantee that PaperRater will operate problem-free or our server will be free of computer viruses or other bugs. Specifically, you might wonder how to decide whether or not you are using a direct quote, a paraphrase, or a summary. We are currently working with multiple educational institutions so we can say that if any paper is a knock-off or fraud, we will likely detect it. To include the ideas of others in your papers, you need only to attribute it to the original author to ensure you safely stay on the side of academic integrity.

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To the extent permitted by law, this license continues even after you stop using PaperRater. The last step before you submit your paper is to proofread it in order to catch any missed errors or citations that may have escaped you, but which are unlikely to escape your teacher. Is paraphrasing illegal and how to separate acceptable paraphrasing from unacceptable paraphrasing? Once our system analyses the document it gives out the results with a specific report. By utilising a very minimalistic yet fully functional interface, Plagramme enables users of all age groups and demographics to maximise the potential of this particular software. By using PaperRater, its products or services, you agree to irrevocably waive any objection that you may have to this venue and consent to personal jurisdiction in this venue. You have the power to review each flagged passage as well as the suggested source to determine if a citation is needed. A quick scan of your paper with the BibMe plagiarism tool will also help to reveal any passages that, while perhaps unintentional, would nevertheless be considered plagiarizing.
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