How to write a 100 word story with a twist

Prompts will be removed if there's a high possibility for rule breaking responses Avoid real-world drama politics, recent tragedies, etc. Write an all-dialogue story using as few tags as possible.

Write about the ant who wants to rule the world. Prompt users in the title, but don't play writing games or commission stories Prompt in the title and only use text for commentary or links for [IP]s and [MP]s.

100 word story ideas

This is the best way to help! It is like watching a black hole. Rule breaking posts or comments may be removed without notice. Write about a picture on a museum wall and a man in love. Delete any unnecessary adjectives.

Rule breaking may result in a permanent ban without prior warning. Think of some your own.

twist ending examples

It assumes that the reader expects dragons to eat virgins, but perhaps has never questioned why. Micro-fiction You can go even shorter, though: how about a word story or even 50 words?

Fill about half a page, count the words, fix the grammar, then read it aloud to yourself. She can watch television downstairs and play with the dog.

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[WP] In 50 words or fewer, write a story with a twist ending. : WritingPrompts