How to write a mock trial cross examination questions

Ask single, specific questions.

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See What is evidence and how do you present it in Supreme Court? Your boss's name is Peter Left? If done effectively, eventually the witness will give you her answer as soon as she sees you turn toward the jury box and you may not even have to speak.

Left sometimes asks you to work on Saturdays?

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How often have you worked past 5 pm for Mr. The children attend after-school care during the weekdays when they're in your care, correct? If a question contains more than a single fact or implication, it is not short in concept.

Mock trial cross examination script

How many of these times did you work until after pm? The bottom line is that you should never give a witness the opportunity to explain during cross examination. Ask Only Leading Questions The cardinal rule of cross examination is to ask only leading questions; leading questions are those that contain or suggest their own answers. Left asked you to? Short, single-fact, propositional questions enable attorneys to keep control of witnesses during cross examination. Your effectiveness in reining the witness back in will depend in large part upon the level of control that you established at the outset of your examination of the witness. There was no horn or bell. For example, assume that you are cross examining the defendant in the fire truck case. Ask short questions Cross examination questions must be short in both execution and concept. You might also be able to use the witness to elicit discrediting information about the other witnesses in the case. The possibilities are endless. You can repeat your question but this time ask it slower or use simpler language to make sure you are being clear. It is therefore preferable to divide areas of questioning into their smallest component parts. You may make yourself look bad. I get on in front of the garage and its next stop is right in front of the office.

Thus, although you cannot prevent opposing counsel from objecting during your cross, you can make doing so more challenging. Assume that you are cross examining the complaining witness in a robbery case.

The bottom line is that you should never give a witness the opportunity to explain during cross examination.

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Sample questions to ask when cross