How to write a story problem

This is how much more carpeting John will need to finish off his three rooms.

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Use these student-created examples as practice problems in the future. When the time is right, they will be encouraged to write tougher problems. Share as a class the next day—it's fun when the parents get involved.

Have the students set the scene as you record the information.

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Some years are like that, right? Pick the number of objects and type of object that he has. Some students will need more scaffolding than others, and some will need to be encouraged to write "tougher" problems.

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Example: Helen has 2 inches of hair cut off each time she goes to the hair salon. As we say in my classroom, if you don't challenge your brain, it won't grow.

Give students time to experiment with these problems. This is of course the exact same task as translating a situation explained in words into a mathematical expression using symbols.

Bring the math in when they decide what is going on in the story. Meaning, the activity isn't totally open ended.

How to write a story problem

How much will she spend in all if she buys just enough fabric to make her dress? Did I mention that they are a freebie? Have the students set the scene as you record the information. I give them an answer, and it is their job to write a word problem to match. I check their stories as they finish. What are the steps and fine details? She served as a writer and editor for numerous campus publications, including "Medusa," " Degrees" and "Jerk Magazine. A Few Final Thoughts It is always harder for students to write a word problem than it is to solve one. Examples of addition word problems Example. Keep these story problems bound in a three-ring binder in a learning center. How much more carpeting does he need in order to carpet all three rooms? First, you would divide the total number of miles 1, by the amount of miles they get per gallon of gas 28 ; this gives you 41 gallons—the total amount needed for the trip. Then, I have the students work in pairs to write a second word problem. However, the problem said that he already has ft2 of carpet, so we need to figure out how much more he needs.
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How to Write Word Problems for Math