Igcse biology past papers online

Understandably you may have some difficulty completing the paper in the required time when starting your revision, however you will undoubtedly improve and get faster with practice. We thank everyone for your visits. We strongly suggest you to download everything you need at least 4 months before the exam.

This is particularly useful for synoptic questions requiring knowledge from different parts of the syllabus.

igcse biology past papers 2015

Members, please kindly check your full refund notification from PayPal. We are still here to provide voluntary assistance to help you excel in your exams.

Discuss the best approach to using these past papers with your tutor. We do not have any grade 1? We are not able to share the files, and all the files are no longer be publicly accessible, even to people who have the link.

Should you run out of time, indicate how far you reached on the paper so that you have a measure of your exam speed to discuss with your tutor. The practice will allow you to become comfortable with the style of question that comes up in the exam, as well as the best approach to tackling a question.

Please read through all frequent asked questions at the comment section below before posting your queries to us. Unfortunately the new platform has limitation and members would see error message when the limit is reached.

igcse past papers

For certain syllabuses there are not many past papers, in which case we are happy to help by identifying appropriate questions from other examinations which would provide practice.

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Edexcel IGCSE Biology Topic Questions