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A less bulky home camcorder was released by JVC. Computer Computers are an essential part of most of our lives.

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Of course, it was bronze and decorative. Microwave oven Before the microwave, people had to wait — yes wait — to re-heat or cook their food.

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The Guinness World Records lists it as the best selling single computer model of all time. Some believe that it all started during the Middle Ages when investigators used boiled water to tell if someone was lying. There are many similarities and differences between the blow dryer and hair dryer, but it is obvious that the latter is designed specifically for hair-styling purposes. Truck drivers actually played a major role in popularizing CB radio when they organized a convoy to scout the locations of speed traps; at that time, there was a nationwide 55mph speed limit. The first vapour-compression refrigeration cycle was put forward by Jacob Perkins, who is also known as the father of refrigeration. Even the lenses had to be imported from Germany. Self-Winding Mechanical Watch The hardwood system was the first known self-winding mechanical watch unveiled in , but the mechanism was too complicated, and the mainspring could only make degree movements. The first electric shaver was made by Remington Rand Corporation in It allowed ink to be transferred from the movable type to paper in a mechanized way. The first MP3 player was completed in with a previous commercial disastrous attempt in In , another improvement came along from the Swan Company, which used a built-in heating element possibly submerged in water. He did that in , and a year later his company began selling it. The first ones were only available in red due to the diodes available, followed by pale yellow and green as the technology evolved over the years. Its capability was limited to recognizing 10 words or so. It was updated again so that it could operate with battery power.

What we do know is that the first iPhone had been on the market for almost a full year before the HTC Dream was released, the first true Android-powered device.

When the exhaled smoke entered the inlet, one of the technicians saw that the ion concentration indicator flat-lined.

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At the other end, the sounds were converted back into data. Instead, they strive for efficiency, modifying gear ratios and using better materials.

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Laptop After the personal computer came to the scene in , the idea of a portable personal computer inevitably followed. The CD player eventually caught up and was included as a feature in many units beginning in the s. The research was meant to study CFC and some related gases, but in the lab, he accidentally froze and compressed tetrafluoroethylene TFE. Even an affordable one comes equipped with a camera, GPS, multimedia player, and Internet connectivity. CARS - cars completely changed the way we travel, as well as the design of our cities, and thrust the concept of the assembly line into the mainstream. If you made it through this entire list, congrats! Over the course of just a decade, between the s and s, billions of transistor radios were manufactured. ROCKETS - while the invention of early rockets is credited to the Ancient Chinese, the modern rocket is a 20th century contribution to humanity, responsible for transforming military capabilities and allowing human space exploration. The world benefited a lot from the invention of vaccines as its derivatives helped the humankind to transgress periods of deadly diseases. Learn how you can launch a design contest. In , the president of the Motion Pictures of America, Jack Valenti, thought that such devices were no more than savagery for the film industry. It is believed that he realized the breakthrough from the melted candy bar in his pocket. Charles Strite was the man to first introduce the electric toaster to the world — not just a toaster either, but a pop-up one that would spring release the bread when it was done. One of the latest inventions in the vacuum-cleaning world market is the autonomous robotic model made by Electrolux Trilobite in and introduced in

It was invented for sharing data between multiple nodes spaced over larger distances. Ethernet The invention and development of Ethernet also played a major role in optimizing the functionality of the Internet.

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Printer Similar to a lot of computer-related technologies and peripherals, the laser printer we know today is a result of continuous innovation by multiple entities. Is there anybody out there?

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The first commercial lithium-ion battery appeared in and was released by Sony and Asahi Kasei. Rolex improved the idea in by using a unidirectional rotor. Digital Camera Taking snaps on holiday used to mean loading film and then sending them away to be developed, hoping they would develop into the images you wanted to remember. After the rejection, Davis signed up with Bendix, an automobile parts manufacturer. Russell Hobbs Company used the first automatic switch-off feature. Over the course of 20 years — , over million lunchboxes flew off store shelves. Others have become luxuries that we've learned to take for granted. Albeit relatively simple and powered only by a horsepower engine, the vast majority of modern helicopters use the same features Sikorsky utilized, such as a three-bladed main rotor and a tail rotor. Ethernet The invention and development of Ethernet also played a major role in optimizing the functionality of the Internet. Advertisement It ran on the engine design put forward by James Watt. Photo Source 6. Judson, the modern iteration of the zipper we all know, use, and are familiar with today was developed in How the World's Smallest Acceleration Sensor Works The 65 Best Inventions of the Past 65 Years Between the s and today, scientific and technological innovations have revolutionized the lives we lead, from the hospital to outer space to the kitchen.
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