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She draws a parallel between the development of communities, developing syllables with meaning, forming words, using drawings and later developing a written language to that of each individuals acquiring oral and written language and the ability to read the writing of another.

Her pronunciation improves and she becomes increasingly articulate.

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From the age of two and half to three years old a child becomes interested in the Sensorial materials. They are able to do this with the help of the partial instincts of their sensitive periods.

The child has the opportunity to speak front of a group and to listen to others. Adults facilitate learning by creating an environment, as the adult can do for the unconscious stage, ripe for conscious learning, but he must allow the child to discover his own language.

The Practical Life activities in the classroom indirectly prepare the child for writing, amongst other daily activities.

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During her observations, she realised the great importance of a well-prepared environment through which a child can then construct himself. The child has the opportunity to speak front of a group and to listen to others. However, many individuals and communities have successfully developed other ways to record information which do not require writing and reading. I don't do anything special, I just talk to them the way I want them to learn to talk. Montessori, p Symbols are given to each of the function of words lessons to give forceful impressions to the child's mind. He learns the concept of numbers, and the vocabulary associate with each number.

The whole of the child is being formed unselectively. Beautiful, purposeful illustration enhances the experience.

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In the Montessori environment the child is first introduced to the sound values of the letters and then gradually forms words.

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Amazing Montessori Language