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A key element is the uniqueness of the core product. In our hotel example, this would mean strict processes around cleaning each room.

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How to cite this article: Mulder, P. So to know what can be taken as augmented product just ask what extras are offered to consumers other than what is needed and wanted by them.

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In this example, a hotel would provide not only a bed, but a few additional items such as sheets, towels and a bathroom. Expected product When consumers buy a product, they essentially are buying a solution to a problem that they are facing, or are seeking specific benefits that is, the core need. The six items shown in the image form the set. Basic Product All the ingredients and other items which enable the the product to satisfy the core are together known as the basic product. He noted that competition takes place more at the augmented level than at the core level. Potential product: This includes all the augmentations and transformations a product might undergo in the future. One way to recognize the core product is to ask about the main reason why someone wants it. This could be additional amenities such as a helpful concierge service or tourist guides available to hotel guests. In some cases, it can trigger the sales to increase. When this happens, it is important to consider the basic expectations of this style of product from the consumer. What benefits does the model provide?

Augmented Product The augmented product refers to any product variations, extra features, or services that help differentiate the product from its competitors. The six items shown in the image form the set. Five Product Levels Advantages The real advantage of the model is that it enables an organization to identify the needs and wants of customers.

Augmented Product inclusion of additional features, benefits, attributes or related services that serve to differentiate the product from its competitors.

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Potential product This is the final level in the five product level model.

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Kotlers Five Product Level Model