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Her works exemplified successful collaboration, engagement, and awareness building. Provide a nurturing, safe, and fun learning environment for our students.

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As large foundations — Irvine funds across California, and the Packard and Hewlett foundations are global funders — we wanted to find ways to strengthen smaller, local organizations that our grantmaking programs may not ordinarily know or engage with.

This is something that has continued even after Nikki has left the organization I initially met her at. Keep up with academic studies during daily study hall while at the Outdoor Project.

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She always encouraged staff to talk about our ideas and concerns to better the organization. Completion of this project will be an incremental step towards a more sustainable campus, setting an example for similar projects on other buildings. It has been a journey for all of us — for our foundations and for the community-based organizations, re-granters, technical assistance providers, and evaluators. Serving as a trip organizer, I helped run the Transportation Study Group. For some organizations, the impact of the assistance was dramatic. She leads by example and I have changed my leadership abilities through following her genuine approach to identifying and validating staffs' strengths. Desired background: At least 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. Overall, she directly reached about people to spread awareness of the biodiversity on campus and our ability to document and protect it. I would definitely recommend working with Nikki to increase leadership skills! A tool library, similar to a book library, is a collection of tools — anything from woodworking to cooking even to special events equipment — available to borrow. Others that also worked with her have really started showing their determination, Nikki really pulled that out of you. The goal of this project was to create hands-on activities focused on sustainability, pollution, and healthy communities. I personally looked forward to every opportunity in which I was able to work with Nikki because I always learned so much, but also because I was motivated to reach my own professional goals.

The evaluation shows that this second phase has been largely successful in strengthening these grassroots organizations. Alice O. She delivers information in a very clear, concise manner that is easy to follow and learn from.

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Katy collaborated on an evaluation methodology to assess the most successful model for outreach and community engagement around street tree planting projects. For his leadership project, Joseph Bell is establishing a conservation outings program for the American Packrafting Association. That alone inspires others to better themselves. While she is incredibly knowledgeable, she is always approachable, humble and eager to teach. Her works exemplified successful collaboration, engagement, and awareness building. His work was profiled by the IoE in a story picked up by media outlets. Next Youth Leader training weekend is August , for Fall season.
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Essential Leadership Skills for Project Managers