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Application deadline 1 June for the following winter semester Submit application to Please send your application documents as one PDF-file.

After a brief introduction to the Germanic pre-history of English, we first address Old English before c.

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At the same time, you will be engaged in independent research and writing under the guidance of your teacher. The Thesis Proposal form should include the title of the thesis and a description of the topic. Thank you!

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Keep in mind that information which may not at first be included in the thesis might be useful later on, e. Accommodation The International Office will try to assist students in finding a room in a student dormitory or on the private market. The acquired empirical skills provide students with excellent qualifications for further study in Linguistics at doctoral level. Funding opportunities within the university Yes Description of the above-mentioned funding opportunities within the university Students can apply for financial aid from a Deutschlandstipendium. Second Language Acquisition: Theoretical and Practical Approaches In this course, you will acquire more advanced knowledge about both theory and method in Second Language Acquisition. In the first two semesters, you will take eight core courses each worth 7. In order to increase our understanding of how language is used by individuals and groups in society, sociolinguistic research uses different analytical methods to investigate and interpret empirical linguistic data. The Research Training Group DFG Graduiertenkolleg on the topic of ambiguity in production and perception, offers interdisciplinary dissertation projects in linguistics, literary studies, psychology, law, theology, and rhetoric. For this reason, students can combine courses offered in English Linguistics with selected M. Teaching English in Language Classrooms Today This course focuses on methods for teaching English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. An important aspect of the M.

Originally designed as a regional university, it has developed into a renowned centre of teaching and research with a strong tradition in international cooperation. The skills they have learned in the programme are those required in a host of areas such as journalism and media, publishing, library work, tourism and creative industries, translation, and many more.

English Linguistics.

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Once the thesis is approved by both supervisors, the final version can be printed one copy for each supervisor.

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MA in English Linguistics: New Applications and International Communication