Missing the old house

I remember those college days well… I was so homesick at first, and yet I knew it was time for that next chapter. Your home has hosted you for many years, and it has earned a proper farewell party. But I try to keep those feelings to myself. I can distinctly recall the first time Boston truly did feel like home.

There is no doubt in my mind that my family and I are blessed to have a home. I put a big ole high price on it. More space than we'd ever need. Often times I would drive over to this house with my then 9 month old sonfrom our little apartment that my husband's company had put us up in and just walk around it At 42, I finally get it So he took his dream job with my support.

Saying goodbye to a place full of so many memories made me remember every scratch on the wall, the groaning wooden floor or the exact smell when unlocking the doors.

saying goodbye to a beloved house

I will navigate this house in the dark. Because I am the mother.

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