My reading teacher

what are the methods of teaching reading?

As usual, I lowered my voice as an audio clue to the structure of ideas. This includes the study of the phonemic basis for oral language, phonics instruction, and attention to syntax and semantics as support for word recognition and self-monitoring.

Politicians love photo ops with little ones learning to read, but they are seldom seen with the teen who reads at a 3rd grade level and is in danger of dropping out. I know first-hand how valuable these things are in developing effective instruction.

teaching reading activities

Guided reading groups contain students who are all reading at the same level. Why can't you just have them read? I began to instruct all my students using guided reading lessons while she provided feedback, and my students' reading performance quickly improved.

My reading teacher

I keep the clipboard with me the entire time I am teaching the lesson. They get to keep the trophy at their desk for the day. There is little empirical evidence that directly links particular knowledge and skills that teachers have to outcomes for students.

A monster. Behavior management is difficult as a practicum student because I am only in the classroom for two hours a day.

Teaching reading in kindergarten

The purpose of this experience is to prepare preservice teachers for student teaching, so it is very rigorous with high expectations. I assumed they would fall in love with the same good books that I had loved. For this reason, I often use Microsoft Word to make poster-size versions of graphic organizers or informational posters. That way, I am not rushing to get through all the components. They then use the notebooks as yet another way to learn more about their readers. At the beginning of IDR time each day, the teacher calls out students' names. After completing this most valuable practicum experience I have had during my time at the University of Iowa College of Education, I feel confident and prepared to student teach next semester. The lesson is followed up with a teaching point and some additional modeling of a strategy the teacher feels is necessary based on her observations. The lesson plan also is the same as the one used for the edTPA licensure examination, so it is beneficial to get used to the format. With demands from social media to connect and engage, to the bombardment of the news and the pressures to achieve, young people often feel like they have little control over the world around them, which is why The Switching Houris ultimately a story of courage and hope. I would love to hear from other teachers about what you do in your own classrooms to assess your students in reading workshop. Practicum requirements say lesson plans must be written in a very specific format, one that is not commonly used among experienced classroom teachers. Practically speaking, most do not have several hours to set aside for lesson planning.
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