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Semaphores - A Complete Example As a complete example of using semaphores, we write a very simple print spool system. For example, we have a file that we only want written into only by one process at a time, to avoid corrupting its contents. Each process prints out its PID as it updates the file, so you can see what happens when. We also supply the number of semaphores we want to have in the given set. To solve this problem we copy buf into the C string iobuf. The other forms of IPC are generally more useful and are often more exotic. It seems that the parent tried to read, went to sleep, the child wrote and exited, and the parent woke up and read the data. We will encounter them when discussing the different IPC methods.

Using Message Queues One of the problems with pipes is that it is up to you, as a programmer, to establish the protocol.

The following four lines include C headers specific to OCaml installed by the distribution. On many systems, pipes will fill up after you write about 10K to them without reading anything out.

c non blocking read pipe

To avoid this, we need to use some locking mechanism - SysV semaphores used as mutexes come to mind here. As you can see, when it goes through the function, it always decrements the value of the semaphore by 1, and then increases it by 1.

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Sometimes one of the readers get everything. One problem might be that copying a file takes a lot of time, and thus locking the spool directory for a long while.

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