Nigerias 521 languages and the millennium

After World War IIBritain had lost its position as a major power, and the United Nations supported the ideals of democracy and self-determination.

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Grewal, David S. British Nigeria — [ edit ] Main articles: Colonial Nigeria , Lagos Colony , Niger Coast Protectorate , Northern Nigeria Protectorate , and Southern Nigeria Protectorate Emir of Kano, with cavalry, photographed in The slave trade was engaged in by European state and non-state actors such as Great Britain , the Netherlands , Portugal and private companies, as well as various African states and non-state actors. By independence in , regional differences in modern educational access were marked. Colonial status England expanded its trade ties into political and military conquest in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, first in the south and then in the north. As a result, strife and deterioration in this region continues as of Like previous World Bank education strategies, however, this latest one relies on discourses narrowly framed in mar- ket terms, which focus on improving the competitive position of a country in the global economy rather than on maximizing human development Arnove a: 74— Many such as Chinua Achebe have dismissed standardization as colonial and conservative attempts to simplify a complex mosaic of languages. The disappear- ance of many minority languages is a consequence of gaining access to a global network because all networks have standards embedded in them. Edwards, John R. Girls, educational equity and mother tongue-based teaching. Nagata, Yoshiyuki ed. In , despite repeated acts of provocation with the serial killings of Nigerian soldiers and civilians, Nigeria completely relinquished the disputed oil rich Bakassi peninsula to her eastern neighbour Cameroon. Just the presence of the Nigerian troops ECOMIL in Monrovia persuaded the rebels on the futility of further pressing their attack to forcefully take the capital city and thus bringing them into direct confrontation path with Africa's largest army.

Tokyo: University of the Sacred Heart. He shifted money to offshore accounts in western European banks and defeated coup plots by bribing army generals.

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As oil revenues fueled the rise of federal subsidies to states, the federal government became the centre of political struggle and the threshold of power in the country.

Observers generally praised the election as being fair.

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As such some languages, particularly those with a large number of speakers, have been standardized and received a romanized orthography. The Federal Government and the State Governments were previously the only bodies licensed to operate universities in Nigeria.

Agricultural products include groundnuts, palm oilcocoacoconutcitrus fruits, maizemillet, cassava, yams and sugar cane. It is widely believed that the areas surrounding Calabar, Cross River State, contain the world's largest diversity of butterflies.

There is also fuji music, a Yoruba percussion style, created and popularized by the one and only Mr.

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Nigeria's Languages and the Millennium Development Goals Essay