Peer assessment

Teaching and Learning Forum Clarify this in terms of the intended learning outcomes and graduate attributes.

peer assessment pros and cons

What skills are students expected to develop and demonstrate as they produce this artifact? While novice students may find it difficult to directly assess the quality of a particular work in isolation, they contend that students are much more capable of making direct comparisons.

However, with each piece of work to be evaluated differing so vastly in content, the path towards those qualities in a specific feedback performance remains largely unknown.

The paper extends upon Toppings typology to add eight variables and eight implementation factors that can be used to describe peer assessment activities and used as a tool in design.

It can also be helpful to have students reflect on the feedback and revision process. This enables a numerical mark to be awarded, based on overall criteria.

what are the benefits of peer assessment?
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Ideas and Strategies for Peer Assessments