Pestel analysis on breakfast cereals of the uk market

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This is a short report, containing marketing data on both the cereal market and a specific business, Bokomo UK.

Technological New technology is very important to theme parks as it enables them to provide the attractions necessary for attracting customers Along with the children, women also form a big part of the consumers of this market.

The report will identify and analyse the current business situation, using SWOT analysis, and review the macroeconomic perspective of the general UK grocery industry using PEST analysis. Thus, they changed their target to focus overall family, [23].

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This report will give an overview of how changes in the macro-environment influenced the sales of ready meals and the factors that might affect sales in the UK over the next five years. Hot cereals recorded a much lower level of household penetration than cold cereals, but, at The manufacturer has to focus on the production values such as provenance, organic and even fair trade to shape the future direction of the market.

The current trends of the cereal industry are health awareness, customer buying, and spending patterns.

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Pestel Analysis On Breakfast Cereals Of The Uk Market Free Essays