Poem analysis monlogue for an onion

This is a poem called "Borderlands," and it's dedicated to my grandmother.

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And at your inmost circle, what? Meaning is not an attribute of the onion or the speaker but the fantasy of the person who tears at the speaker as if she were an onion. In her debut collection, Suji Kwock Kim—notably the first Asian American to win the Walt Whitman Award—essays the vexed and vexatious landscape of identity, attempting to unite the divided countries of lyric poetry and poetry of origin.

The onion states, "Poor deluded human: you seek my heart. Reports estimate that one-quarter of Korean Americans can trace their lineage to a war bride. And it has something to do with what I believe is very important in terms of the responsibility that one has in terms of using the imagination as a means of compassion and understanding things that one couldn't have experienced.

Upon his death, his eldest son, Kim Jong Il, assumed leadership of the country. So this comes out of that particular context and it's called "Borderlands. As with the person cutting the onion, the governments generally find themselves destroyed in the end.

Jones, Methuen, , p. Sue Kwock Kim and Robert Siegal In the following radio interview, Kim discusses her Korean background and how she is able to channel the greater Korean experience into her work. Positioned as the intellectually superior figure, the onion hopes to ridicule the person into stopping the attack. Robert Browning utilised the form to a famously profound effect, creating a startling aspect to his poetry. It is this kind of imagery—of mutilation and torn, broken bodies, of the anguish of separation and loss—that carries over, in a rather different context, to "Monologue for an Onion," which is really a metaphysical poem about the human quest for knowledge, fulfillment, and love. Tears, although they often genuinely express grief and sadness, often also can be, even when genuine, used in an attempt to manipulate. The assonance repetition of similar vowel sounds in the words "blood" and "love" links them ominously together.

The onion ultimately reveals that there is no other way to perceive the world except through veils, meaning that it is impossible to encounter truth in a vacuum. This effect of layering and unwrapping is accomplished primarily by a combination of rhyme, assonance the repetition of similar vowel soundsand consonance the repetition of similar consonants.

Poem analysis monlogue for an onion
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Suji Kwock Kim’s Monologue for an Onion Essay