Research paper on amylase production

The PCR amplicon was purified to remove contaminants. NRC strain revealed zones of hydrolysis on starch agar plates. Bacillus genus is well known and famous for alpha-amylase production and several Bacillus strains such as B. Different physicochemical conditions were varied for maximum enzyme production.

Amylase production was carried out by using various agroindustrial residues including rice husk, wheat straw, and rice straw as cost-effective carbon sources.

Characterization of Crude Amylase Optimum pH requirement is very important for an enzyme-substrate reaction, so broader pH range 5.

research paper low cost fermentation in amylase production

The size of inoculum plays a notable role in the fermentation rate. Incubation temperature Data in Fig. Asgher et al. The strategy was to optimize each parameter for the best enzyme activity, independently of the others and subsequently optimal conditions were employed in all experiments.

amylase production by bacteria

However, the contents of a synthetic medium are very expensive and uneconomical, so they need to be replaced with more economically available agricultural and industrial by-products, as they are considered to be good substrates for SSF to produce enzymes Previous studies have applied agroindustrial residues such as molasses, date syrup, and fruit waste for production of several economically important enzymes [ 10 — 16 ].

Riaz et al. After 60 h incubation, culture filtrate was collected and amylase activity was tested.

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Amylase production by solid