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In this capacity, he played a major role in the drafting and enactment of important human rights legislation including the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, the International Religious Freedom Act, and the Torture Victims Relief Act. Before joining Human Rights Watch, he helped found the Jakarta-based Institute for the Studies on Free Flow of Information inand in he helped create the Pantau Foundation, a journalist training organization also based in Jakarta.

Zen Cho is a short-story writer, novelist and editor. He has published six books of poetry in Burmese and one in English. Edmund is a Chevening scholar and has a Masters degree from Oxford University. She is the project director of the Seed Foundation, the first trans-led non-governmental organisation in the country. He has published seven volumes of poetry, including Kembara Malam , Sungai Mekong and Pesisir Waktu , as well as several art books. Asifa has been a frequent speaker and trainer in skills-based programs in Bangkok both for local residents and international participants. Myo Min is also one of the most recognized Myanmar human rights activist in the international movement and has authored and facilitated numerous trainings and initiatives around international human rights instruments and mechanisms, particularly ICCPR and the Universal Periodic Review, both in Myanmar and abroad. His artworks have been exhibited worldwide in over 30 solo exhibitions. Amy is a licensed U. Alissa Wahid Alissa Qotrunnada Munawaroh, publicly known in Indonesia as Alissa Wahid, is a trained family psychologist, but is most recognized for her work in social sector on interfaith cooperations, democracy and human rights, and moderate moslem movements in Indonesia. Maung Day is a Burmese poet, visual artist, translator and development worker. Minh Bui Jones is a serial publisher and editor of journals and magazines, and the founding editor of Mekong Review, a literary quarterly publishing fiction, non-fiction and poetry from mainland Southeast Asia. Al-Mustaqeem M.

He then became a political activist and joined the Democrat Party. His is the author of the novel Nazi Goreng and a collection of his travel writing, Marco Yolo Festival Producer No.

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Write Award logo The S. Maman is actively involved in many activities promoting pluralism, democracy and culture, together with different actors, including religious leaders, civil society organisations, artists and politicians.

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The Swedish editions were the first ever from classical Chinese into Swedish. Her book Rosalie and Other Love Songs new edition, is part of a preservation project on Malayan music recordings, manuscripts and oral history under a fellowship from Khazanah Nasional Berhad. Amy is a licensed U. All Rights Reserved. He is currently translating T. His recently published novel Amsterdam offers a portrait of the city inhabited by those at its very margins. After working for the human rights movement in Myanmar in exile for more than 24 years, Myo was only allowed to come back in the country in He is a guest lecturer at various academic institutions and writes regularly for a Thai daily newspaper. Write Award logo The S.

She has been advocating on behalf of transgender people community for the past eight years. Smith Amy A.

York University, Toronto with further studies in human rights at the University of Strasbourg, and theology and jurisprudence at Oxford. Her work has been published in leading Australian journals and anthologies. His second novel, Suatu Hari Nanti Manusia Akan Melupakan Tuhan , set in a dystopian future, focuses on religio-ethical issues that confront human civilisation. She has published three short-story collections in Chinese. Ooi Kee Beng is a sinologist and political biographer. He is married to Carol and they have two children and six grandchildren. Amy is the author of a number of reports and publications on human rights and humanitarian issues in Southeast Asia. Its main publication is the eponymous Jentayu review, a biannual literary journal dedicated to writings from Asia translated into French, with eight issues released so far. Minh Bui Jones is supported by Gerakbudaya Bookshop. Vu Quoc Dung Mr. She has led a team of over people and previously worked in a corporate setting as an operations manager. Wahid meets with and speaks to thousands of people annually through public events. Edmund routinely represents individuals, financial institutions, law enforcement authorities, governments and corporations at all stages of complex transactions, from negotiations to dispute resolution and mediation. Rahmat Haron wears many hats as an activist, poet, writer, visual and performance artist.

His artworks have been exhibited worldwide in over 30 solo exhibitions. Zunar is supported by Penang Institute. Nisha Ayub is a leading advocate for transgender rights in Malaysia.

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