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Sealed air corporation case study solution

Consolidated net sales in the given fiscal year: 6, billion yenOperating income: billion yenSony's market capitalization: 9. Doing things first was always the main idea. During the last 10 years we built on our development of the first closed-cell, lightweight cushioning The major French distributor of AirCap cushioning had a mix of coated and uncoated sales in An excerpt from an AirCap promotional brochure in Exhibit 2 shows how Sealed Air positioned AirCap as a cost-effective substitute for these competitive products and loose fills. The learning from this endeavor can be used in the European markets. The uncoated products would however not require a huge selling effort as price is the main consideration. SD SD SD Total sales July—December 59, 76, 5, 31, 4, 44, 25, 3, , January—June 48, 81, 4, 42, 3, 43, 21, 1, , Note: In addition, because SB could not compete in price against foams for many surface protection applications, Sealed Air introduced an A grade in January They were allowed to mix grades within an order. Germany — SA was a late entrant and could never establish itself as a commanding player.

Updated and data analysis on the change in State StreetState Street's numbers increased inbefore succumbing to the recession in To function effectively a cushioning material must retain its ability to protect over a series of repeated impacts.

A new AirCap package left using a simple criss-cross technique resulted in reduced material, shipping, labor and carton costs. This chart left demonstrates how barrier-coated AirCap retains its original thickness better than all materials tested and provides product protection throughout the entire packaging, shipping, handling, and storage cycle.

The basic idea of reinforcing the polyethylene bubbles to improve air retention was, however, the same.

sealed air corporation leveraged recapitalization case solution

Void Fill When a void in a package is not completely filled, the cushioned product may migrate within the shipping container. Consequently, distributors almost always ordered in truckload quantities. Sealed Air could provide independently measured cushioning curves for competitive products as well as its own.

We intend to seek market leadership …show more content… The positioning, blocking, and bracing market was unique because of the heavier weights of items shipped.

The company is faced with a difficult choice of choosing from a range of feasible options ranging from doing nothing to introducing a new product. Since large regular-duty AirCap bubbles do not compress, they fill voids effectively and eliminate product movement.

Heavy duty : one layer of 2 mils and one of 4 mils; for loads up to lbs.

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Sealed Air Corporation (Hbs 9 ) Case Analysis