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Out of the large number of potential candidates a small number are short-listed or interviewed for the potential position.

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Here the management strategy is to emphasise the preponderance of its power and control in order to restrict extensive union activity. A very high level of employee involvement is expected. Finally, the organisation should make human resource an important part of all its policy decisions making sure that when a strategy for business is formulated, it is not too rigid. Miles and Snow in developed another widely used fit approach of matching HR strategy to business strategies. Recruitment and selection strategies have strong links with HR planning and employment conditions. The risk of unfair discrimination, and the cost of hiring the wrong person, are both too great for your business to take. Business Strategy Review. Staffing as strategy formation In a competitive environment, an organisation constantly faces a number of threats from its competitors. To completely utilise its human resources, organisations use this approach wherein the capabilities of candidates to be recruited are considered.

When an organisation organises training programmes, industrial visits etc. Harvard Business Review. Bowen et al.

Recruitment policy pdf

Candidates should be kept informed of the status of their application and notified if unsuccessful. Pay Grades When offering a job, the issue of salary obviously comes up. Miles and Snow developed guidelines for proactive human resources management systems that tap an organizations full complement of human capability whilst supporting the formulation of new business strategies. Prepare interview questions that inquire about candidate skills and experiences that are relevant to the job. While this approach may have benefited organisations in several ways but it is considered non-strategic because it completely ignores business strategy. First, the organisation should develop an organisational strategy. Tyson, S. Pitman Publishing. Similarly, 'analysers' who operate in both stable and dynamic environments need the right allocation for their human resources. Discrimination may be quite unintentional.

Garvin, D. A recruitment and selection policy that reminds staff about the implications of possible lapses such as these can go a long way towards ensuring they never happen.

Legge, K.

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Thereafter employees, starting at the lowest level and within every section division formulate their own strategies.

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5 Reasons You Need A Recruitment And Selection Policy