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Be polite. Energy is the most vital resource, just save it. Save energy today to use it tomorrow. We can install solar panels on the terrace, it generates electricity which can be used in homes for lights and fans. Save power and carry on. Today each and every machine run on electricity, so we constantly use electricity as and when required. Saving energy is easy, at home, and at work. Save energy, Preserve nature. Save energy means save money. Be a power saver. Unplug Appliances when not in use. We should always unplug the appliances which are not in use. Rock your world by saving energy.

Stop energy misuse and do energy conservation. Save on energy and money, just snuggle up to your honey. If not every day we can do it once or twice in a week. Save energy today to use it tomorrow.

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We should make sure that our home has a good seal on the doors and windows. Open up your curtains and let the sunlight come inside your rooms or you can use light shade curtains or blinds.

Go Solar to Save Polar.

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Save power and carry on.

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Conservation Slogans