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When there is no special emphasis, the rule of thumb often applies that a positive sentence has a negative tag and vice versa. Intonation[ edit ] English tag questions can have a rising or a falling intonation pattern. She's not French, is she?

Snow isn't black, is it? Answer is same in both cases - because snow is white! Open the window, would you? Unbalanced tag questions may be used for ironic or confrontational effects: Do listen, will you? In Scots and certain dialects of English, eh?

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The earth is bigger than the moon, isn't it? You don't remember my name, do you? Do you know what an affirmative sentence is? She is French, isn't she? He read this book, didn't he? The Goidelic languages, however, make little or no use of auxiliary verbs, so that it is generally the main verb itself which reappears in the tag. British Council. Asian people don't like rice, do they? This form may express confidence, or seek confirmation of the asker's opinion or belief. The falling pattern is used to underline a statement.
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