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Bail's drover's wife has not seen her husband for 30 years and is separated from him by her own choice. This does several things.

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She did not sign her note with her customary "Love" at the end, and has never bothered to call or show any concern for her husband or her children. It is a dumb witness to all that is happening to her.

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The Plot 1. Her resignation allows her to survive against the odds, which may give the reader pause in terms of whether or not we expect her "careless" and confident husband will come back from his long journey. However, she was unable to save it and cried when she saw it was ruined, thinking of how sad her husband would be when he came home from droving and saw the destruction of his efforts.

He knows just how difficult life is for her in the bush. Her husband has been gone for six months and she has to be strong, not just for herself but also for her children.

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In terms of texture and colour it is inferior to the he-oak. She fed him but he refused to leave, saying that he was going to spend the night, until she threatened him with a long metal bar and Alligator. Her surroundings are not favorable to the "womanly" or sentimental side of nature. After all, she spend the majority of her time alone, she is raising the children, she - along with the fierce yellow dog - are protecting the home front from drifters and serpents and presumably whatever else the bellicose bush throws at her. But all her hopes and dreams have been long dead. Alligator An alligator is a dangerous animal to other animals and human. She hopes to see her husband again and hope that nothing bad has happened to him. It is as though he is aware of just how difficult things are for his mother. She literally does everything for her family and on their land; all obstacles that come their way are hers to fight. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations It is nearing morning, and the bushwoman realizes that she is out of candles, so she goes to fetch some wood to burn from the woodpile. Something that is noticeable by the fact that should her husband forget that he is married the most important thing is that he brings home his salary. It might also be important that Tommy tells his mother that he will never become a drover. The point is, this story, if written in today's post-feminist milieu, would be called "The Bushwoman" or something of that nature, not the Drover's wife. The drover's wife lives secluded in a harsh environment. This does several things.
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The Drover’s Wife Quotes and Analysis