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Only suggestion: chairs could be just a little more comfortable. Many people working keeping tables clean etc.

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Always jam packed on weekend mornings. The seating situation is a little overcrowded and a server decided to stop in front of me while waiting to pass for a solid minute or two.

Sea street cafe hyannis

Service was very friendly. We ate here 3 times during the week, twice at this location and once at their larger location on West Main. Look, as Southerners, we like our Diet Coke. I don't normally like the buns as my friend said and I ate this whole burger They accommodate my daughter's special requests pancakes, choc chips and whip cream on the side with a smile. While I do think locally produced eggs taste better and am always looking for friends with chickens , I was unsure if the whole omelet would taste significantly different because it was organic. Always jam packed on weekend mornings. The place was very busy. Breakfast blt was very good! The service was very good every day, the food was delicious, very generous servings, and the place has a very comfortable feel to it with mix of locals and guests to the area.

Excellent "greasy spoon" diner We high-tailed it over and both enjoyed two of the best burgers in Hyannis. Allergy Awareness: 5 Celiac Friendly :4 gf waffle and toast no idea if dedicated frier and toaster, gf cookies Food Quality: Diner-with some creative options both as specials and regular menu fare.

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This W. The food is exactly what we like, homestyle American breakfast. Our favorite tip was the linguica, a mild Porteguse sausage that apparently is a local South shore staple. Unsure if by opening their 2nd location on Main St has spread them to thin. This was our daily breakfast spot for the 4 days we were visiting. The only con about this place is the chairs. It's nice to be known and treated so well. This turned out to be a very reliable place for breakfast, so we stopped going anywhere else. Hyannis, MA Very tasty breakfast. Pancakes were delicious. The wait staff are pros! The hollandaise was just a smattering and the egg was done over medium so not too much drip- just enough. Great breakfast place.

This time i got Steak and eggs for breakfast and it was so tasteless and over cooked even though i ordered medium i got well done, also portion size is less than it used to be. The DP has it's highs and lows.

Not only was the food amazing it had the best environment.

the daily news restaurant

Ordered the organic omelet dish with spinach and cheese and came with fruit salad. The hits with us were the steak bomb burrito, the breakfast BLT and the double trouble.

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