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Esecuzione con garrota spagnola di un ribelle filippino , A sinistra, un soldato statunitense piantona il condannato. The debate, Hoar argued, was between republic and empire, between liberty and slavery, between the Declaration of Independence and imperialism. Chaired by Senator Lodge, the hearings led to light fines for a few officers and a court martial for General Jacob H. Volume 11 Issue 40 Number 1 And of all our race He has marked the American people as his chosen nation to finally lead in the regeneration of the world. Unaware that the Philippines were the only predominantly Catholic nation in Asia, President McKinley said that American occupation was necessary to "uplift and Christianize" the Filipinos. One general declared: It may be necessary to kill half of the Filipinos in order that the remaining half of the population may be advanced to a higher plane of life than their present semi-barbarous state affords. Today, it more known as waterboarding.

Camilo Garcia Polavieja left and Gen. To protect the secrecy of troop movements, McKinley ordered military censorship in Florida and in New York City, home of the wire services.

The army, alarmed by the spread of venereal disease, established a system for examining prostitutes and confining the diseased to hospitals. Una canzone sulla guerra filippino-americana del ma trascinatasi per oltre dieci anni, fino alche fa il paio con Ewell T.

Late in the year, Filipino forces turned to guerrilla tactics designed to hit the Americans at their weak points.

To win support for far-reaching changes in foreign policy, McKinley explained overseas expansion in terms of American traditions and drew on familiar themes from the past. He believed that once laws governing land, mining, banking, and transportation were in place and schools, roads, and hospitals were built, enterprise and prosperity would follow.

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July Today, it more known as waterboarding. With the islands of Hawaii, Guam, and the Philippines, the United States would have the refueling bases for naval and merchant ships in the Pacific so desired by expansionists. Recommended citation: Susan A.

The war was officially declared over in Julybut fighting continued for several years. Others argued on "humanistic" and "moralistic" lines - that God had made known to the American people their unique mission in life; that it was their burden to Christianize the non-Christian world and prepare it for redemption; that the non-white and non-Christian people in the world could only benefit from contact with American culture.

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