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Eight decades after World War II began, the world it created is fading into the past. Hitler 's suicide and the fall of the Third Reich. American shipping became easy prey for German U-boats along the American coast and in the Atlantic. The Marines assault Iwo Jima. Plans for the ultimate, long, and bloody conquest of Japan. The region 4 DVD release of The War splits the series into 14 episodes, but notes that it is "a seven-part documentary". The Soviet Union quickly abandoned the wartime alliance with Britain and the U. Two days later, on Sept.

But America succeeds in stopping the Japanese advances at Midway and Guadalcanal. The controversial air war against Japanese and German cities towards the end of the war.

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Also, they find out that their father bought them a new house before he died and are happy to have a proper home again at last. Two days later, on Sept.

And when the military forces of the U. At first they and their friends argue over who has to construct it and who is allowed to use it; the three boys - Stu, Chet and Marsh - want it all to themselves, while the girls - Lidia, Elvadine and Amber - want them to work on it and share it afterwards.

After several deals, they agree to build the tree house together. Now we must find out if our politics can function without it. The Soviets commence their final assault on Berlin. He lives in Watertown, Mass.

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Allied forces commenced the Italian Campaign through the invasions of Sicily and Salerno , punctuated by the experiences of the soldiers from the towns featured. He is the author of nine books , including, most recently, his autobiography, A Life in History. The Soviet Union quickly abandoned the wartime alliance with Britain and the U. He lives in Watertown, Mass. After having been treated and finally coming home again, he gets a new job as custodial engineer at a grammar school, but loses it again within less than one week because of a law forbidding people who spent time in a mental hospital to work within the vicinity of children. By David Kaiser September 3, On the first day of September of , German troops crossed the border into Poland , and two decades of European peace came to an end. The U. They find a tree in a forest close to their house and decide to build a tree house there. American shipping became easy prey for German U-boats along the American coast and in the Atlantic. These were punctuated by recollections of the participants of the designated towns. Believing that the future of the world belonged to super-states on the scale of the British Empire, the new Soviet Union and the United States, he wanted to conquer his own huge empire in Eastern Europe and expand German influence around the globe. It was also a struggle to determine how the world would be governed: the Second World War was an ideological battle in which different visions of the future were competing, and after which the winners—notably the United States and the Soviet Union—imposed their institutions and ideas on the territory they were fighting over. But still, there are newspaper reports of new setbacks and losses, and the endless and unendurable telegrams bearing the bad news from the War Department. Moe is caught under falling rubble, but Stephen, who in Vietnam had to leave his best friend to die in order to be rescued himself, is determined to save him, even if it costs him his own life. The Marines assault Iwo Jima.

The twins and their friends start to rebuild the tree house, but give it up after a couple of days due to lack of interest. However, as the war progresses, the dreaded War Department casualty telegrams appear at a fast rate.

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