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All of this because of climbing to the summit of a mountain. Not many, I'd wager. The mountains where the story takes place is the Peruvian Andes. Having successfully ascended the West Face of the Siula Grande despite set-backs due to weather , using the 'Alpine' climbing method, Yates and Simpson turned their minds to descending the challenging North Ridge. Had they waited for the storm to pass, the next three days of climbing would have been clear and easy, but they took an unnecessary risk, a foolish risk, and nearly paid the ultimate price. The audience which the book appeals to is for those adventurous and suspenseful readers. They made their descent with Yates helping Simpson the best he could until Simpson slipped over a cliff and found himself dangling in mid-air over a crevasse.

Yates held onto Simpson from a crumbling belay seat he'd dug out of the snow and ice, feeling all of Simpson's weight dangling prone at the end of the rope. At the end of the rope, Joe builds a new belay point while Simon catches up. Little does Simon know, Joe is alive crawling back down the mountain fighting for his life.

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This is where Joe Simpson was found, crawling helplessly towards base camp. They make their final preparations and set off on their climb. Joe undergoes a series of surgeries on his leg and within ten weeks is again ready to climb.

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Simon has no other choice but to cut the rope and let Joe fall. They try to make it back down but they get stuck. Simpson plunged off the vertical face of an ice ledge, breaking his leg. I've heard many people who love this book say that it is a triumph of the human spirit; instead, I'd call it a triumph over human stupidity. This is where Joe Simpson was found, crawling helplessly towards base camp. From this point, Joe is lowered on a rope. See also.

Their sport has enough difficulty being accepted without adding to the stigma of danger, and taking stupid risks gives mountaineering a bad name. Because of his position in relation to Simpson, Yates could not hear or see him.

From this point, Simpson went three days without food or drinking water, crawling and hopping the remaining five miles back to base camp.

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