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If a reference is not appearing correctly in Word, there may be errors in the actual reference in the EndNote library. To fix this: Go into your EndNote library and double click on the relevant reference Manually edit the reference in your EndNote library Go back to your Word document, select the EndNote X7 tab and, from the Bibliography box, select Update Citations and Bibliography 4.

Having duplicate references in your EndNote library can cause a number of problems, especially when you start to reference your work. Forget the photocopied articles and the alphabetized index cards on which doctoral students of the past had to rely.

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You can use your EndNote library to insert in-text citations and create bibliographies within Microsoft Word documents, reformatting them into your chosen referencing style. Part 3: Managing your EndNote library 1. To select the item to keep, click Keep This Record. By University of Leeds Introduction EndNote helps you collect and store all the references you have found from different sources. These upgrades can be problematic when writing a dissertation, which might take years to finish. Open each copied document in Word. EndNote can help to remove them. Then click on Convert to Unformatted Citations. EndNote identifies duplicate references in a library as references of the same type with matching Author, Year and Title fields.

Open each copied document in Word. Part 3: Managing your EndNote library 1.

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This is now your master copy of your finalised thesis. Once you have run your search, most databases have a direct export feature that automatically transfers your search results into your EndNote library.

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This is now your master copy of your finalised thesis. Follow these steps to configure Google Scholar to send references to EndNote. This may take a few seconds. EndNote can help to remove them. You may need to precede p. Some universities have even purchased a site license that allows free EndNote access to their students, faculty, and staff—be sure to check with your university or doctoral advisor. Manually adding references to your EndNote library Not all databases and search tools have the facility to transfer automatically your search results into EndNote. Click on the name of the group to which you wish to add the selected references. Appendices Exporting from Google Scholar Note that you can only export references one at a time, so this option is not suitable for supporting comprehensive literature searching. To remove references from a group, open the group by clicking on it. You will need to update your preferences inside Google Scholar before you can send any references to EndNote. Open the document you saved above. Check for duplicates on a regular basis. The latest EndNote version can help you accomplish this task. Call

The box displays the duplicate items side by side, inviting you to select which one to keep. To select the item to keep, click Keep This Record.

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Citing dissertations in APA