War on drugs and prison overcrowding analysis essay

AB was a bill passed to help reduce the prison population to Maurer M.

War on drugs and prison overcrowding analysis essay

This money also funds the drug kingpins within the state, country and abroad to continue operation. S government intends to discourage and eliminate the production, distribution, and utilization of illegal drugs. This makes me feel safe because I reside in Upland, California and have utilized this tool. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? To manage this population, the bureau is putting two or three bunks in a cell, and converting television rooms and open bays into sleeping quarters. The government feared that opium induced Chinese men would try to lure white women to them. Fellner J. S and relate them with those of other countries. The war on drugs in the United States is an expensive and deadly ongoing battle that has not yet been won. S is the highest in the world.

There are many that feel the legalization of drugs, new drug courts, modify or end the policy on "war on drugs," or do away with the "three strikes law" to name a few, would reduce the population in prisons. We need to provide more programs that help law enforcement officials involve the community.

Love and Kuzman. Public health professionals should advocate for the families of incarcerated people.

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AB is not the answer we need to release inmate and return non-violent to jails from prison. In San Quentin State Prison, there were 4, inmates yet the carrying capacity of the prison is just 3, prisoners.

The research explored in this writing illustrates the significant focus on the varying views regarding the impact of maternal and paternal incarceration.

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War on Drugs comprises of several drug policies, military aid and assistance, and assistance from participating countries. Sentencing Commission see chart below.

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The added problem to the overpopulation is the fact that California is going through a financial hardship. S has led to overcrowding in prisons. In state charges consisted of , convicts were sentenced to prison. In , the prison population of U. I feel it is our duty as both state and federal law enforcement professionals to become stiffer at our borders and within the state of California. The popular war on drugs translates to a war on people of color in terms of their overall health and well-being. Because narcotics are illegal that is enough for many people to want drugs. These approaches have drastically increased the prison population, to the point that 1 in 31 adults, or 3. The paragraph followed will introduce personal innovative ideas that can possibly help the war against drugs along the borders in California and the country. Instead, they used their incarceration as motivation to better the situation they were in. If this is indeed a war enacted by President Nixon in then we need to fight it like a war.

Get Essay Especially in the state of California where many people find their way into our criminal justice system due to many factors stemming from drug usage. Despite this, statistics suggests that overall reported crime rates have remained relatively stable.

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